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Waverly Junior Chamber

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2010 2nd Quarter Awards
Region Awards
Chapter Growth
   April & May
Top Chapter Growth
Outstanding Community Project
   Pitch Hit Run
   Health Awareness Festival
Outstanding Membership Project
   Horse Race Social
Awards for Recruitment, Attending
Region Meeting, & Submitteing CPGs
   Positive Attitude - Trystal Nelson
   Light the Fire Attutude - Kelli Ten Hulzen
Outstanding Secretary
   Lea Alderman
Outstanding Treasurer
   Lisa Osthus
Outstanding ID V.P.
   Travis O'Gorman
Outstanding Management V.P.
   Renee Greve
Outstanding President
   Michele Werth
State Awards
Outstanding ID Project
   Health Awareness Festival
Outstanding ID Officer
   Travis O'Gorman
Outstanding Membership Project
   Horse Racing Social
Outstanding Community Officer
   Mis Lovenburg
CPG Awards
   State Super Shooters - 1st Place
   Dancin' with the Doddens - 1st Place
   Easter Egg Hunt - 3rd Place
   Local Super Shooters - 1st Place
Overall Community CPG
   Local Super Shooters
Mid-Year Reports
   International Development - 3rd Place
   Community Development - 2nd Place
   Business Development - 1st Place
   Individual Development - 1st Place
Outstanding Secretary
   Lea Alderman
Outstanding Management VP
   Renee Greve
Overall Impace Project
   Health Awareness Festival
Presidential Medallion
   Michele Werth
Outstanding Board Member
   Kendra Werth
Parade of Chapters
   Waverly - 3rd Place


Waverly Jaycees - PO Box 219 - Waverly NE 68462
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