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Waverly Junior Chamber

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We are currently collecting information on our Charter Members and other historical information. If you have information you would like to share, please be sure to let us know,

The Waverly Junior Chamber (Waverly Jaycees) serves the community of Waverly in Southeast Nebraska.  Waverly is rapidly growing with new residents and new business.  Members of the Waverly Jaycees are proud to serve the community through leadership training and community service.
The Jaycees is a non-profit organization for young adults between the ages of 21 and 41.  It is through the community service and leadership training that it's members are presented with opportunities for personal development and achievement, and avenues for participation in the affairs of community, state and nation, and apportunites to develop true friendship and understanding among young adults world wide.


To become the organization of choice for

young people, Providing direction and

leadership to our communities and nation.


Mission Statement

To provide young people the opportunity to develop personal and leadership skills through community service and organizational involvement while expanding the Jaycee movement.


The Jaycee Creed

We Believe:

That Faith In God Gives Meaning

And Purpose To Human Life;

That The Brotherhood Of Man

Transcends The Sovereignty Of Nations;

That Economic Justice Can Best Be Won

By Free Men Though Free Enterprise;

That Government Should Be Of Laws

Rather Than of Men;

That Earth’s Great Treasure

Lies In Human Personality;

And That Service To Humanity

Is The Best Work Of Life!

Past Presidents

May 1971 – April 1972                 Grant Smith

May 1972 – April 1973                 Grant Smith

May 1973 – April 1974                 Richard Carlson

May 1974 – August 1974*            Roger L. Thompson

August 1974 – April 1975              Denis Applebee

May 1975 – April 1976                 Keith Snyder

May 1976 – April 1977                 Roger Bartlett

May 1977 – April 1978                 Max Thacker

May 1978 – April 1979                 Lon Hoppel

May 1979 – April 1980                 Ed (Stewart) James

May 1980 – April 1981                 Dan Arkfeld

May 1981 – April 1982                 Dan Arkfeld

May 1982 – April 1983                 Elvin Murphy

May 1983 – April 1984                 Steve Osborn

May 1984 – April 1985                 John M. Berlowitz

May 1985 – April 1986                 Brad Bray

May 1986 – April 1987                 Deb (Essink) Behrends

May 1987 – April 1988                 Cindy (Reinhard) Curtis

May 1988 – April 1989                 Steve Bayne

May 1989 – April 1990                 Sandy Mundil

May 1990 – April 1991                 Mark Huss

May 1991 – April 1992                 Karen (Bard) Dvorak

May 1992 – April 1993                 Sue Root

May 1993 – April 1994                 LeaAnn (Dobbins) Ford

May 1994 – April 1995                 Paul Huss

May 1995 – April 1996                 Dave Stencel

May 1996 – April 1997                 Amy (Weiss) Potter

May 1997 – April 1998                 Frank Rothell

April 1998 – December 1998**    Vicki Hansen

1999                                              Tammie (Mertens) Moore

2000                                              Steve Meisinger

2001                                              Marci (Morrison) Craig

2002                                              Lori Anderson

2003                                              Lisa Gebers

2004                                              Dave Moore

2005                                              Tom Nun

2006                                              Jody Harris

2007                                              Brian Finch

2008                                              Frank Rothell

2009                                              Kendra Werth

2010                                              Michele Werth

2011                                              Renee Greve


* In the 1974 – 1975 year, the President had to be replaced in August for unknown reasons. 

** In this year, the U.S. Jaycees changed the Jaycee year from a May – April format to a calendar year format.

Board of Directors History
2005 - A Little Bit Crazy's All Right
President - Tom Nun
Managment Development V.P. - Jody Harris
Community Development V.P. - none
Individual Development V.P. - Lori Anderson
Membership V.P. - none
Treasurer - Lisa Gebers
Secretary - Brian Finch
Youth Program Director - Brad Stetson
Chairperson of the Board - Dave Moore
2005 Unofficial
Newsletter Editor - Frank Rothell
Historian - Vicki Hansen
2004 - Just Ask
President - Dave Moore
Management Development V.P. - Vicki Hansen
Community Development V.P. - none
Individual Development V.P. - Frank Rothell
Membership V.P. - Tom Nun
Secretary - Scott Craig
Treasurer - Vicki Hansen
Newsletter Editor - Lori Anderson
Youth Competition Director - Jody Harris
Youth Program Director - Brad Stetson
Community Director - Kellie Smith
Social Director - Brenda Stankowski
Chairperson of the Board - Lisa Gebers
2003 - Believe It To Achieve It
President - Lisa Gebers
Management Development V.P. - Vicki Hansen
Community Development V.P. - Tom Nun
Individual Development V.P. - Cyndi Dobbins
Membership Development V.P. - Tammie Mertens (Moore)
Treasurer - Vicki Hansen
Secretary -
Newsletter Editor - Lori Anderson
Chairperson of the Board -  Lori Anderson

Waverly Jaycees - PO Box 219 - Waverly NE 68462
Email for website additions\corrections.