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Our Project Chair Of 12 Years

FrightFest Discontinued
Due to decreases in membership, the Waverly Jaycees no longer have the manpower for FrightFest.  You can expect to see the resurection of this project some time in the future.
FrightFest had been part of the community for many years.  The haunted attraction is built from scratch every year.  This is what brings a uniuqeness to this haunted attraction because the floor plan and rooms are almost always different every year.

Is it scary?  Well we would like to think so.  It's important to have a haunted house with a scare factor.  You just never know what may be around the next corner!  We have been known to "tame it down" a bit at the request of some of our younger guests.  Aside from the scare factor, it's more important to us that you have FUN!

Not So Fresh Meat

Our Ghostly Ghouls

A Tale from the Crypt

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